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Interior Accent Hacks Transform a Space!


When a huge interior design makeover just doesn’t fit with your budget, there are inexpensive hacks that can upgrade any room for less. Try these proven interior design techniques for improving a space without breaking the bank.

Drab Living Room Face Lifts

A drab living room may not necessarily be because of your sofa and love seat. There may be too much vacant space or cluttered corners, which can make a room appear too small or simply cold. Add an accent table to an empty corner. This simple piece creates a point of interest in the room and complements the centerpiece furnishings. If you have a lot of tabletop décor that is clustered on smaller tables, spread them out. Place a few pieces of décor on several accent tables strategically placed around the room.

Dining Room Doldrums

The most common mistake make in dining room décor is relying on an expensive table and chairs to give the room pizzazz. The corners and walls are left empty and sad. Try a bar cart in the corner. Nothing expensive. Just something to display your favorite beverages. This adds a lovely accent and is completely functional for after dinner drinks.

Ending Bedroom Blahs

Bedrooms, more than any other room, need accent furnishings. The bed and dresser become the centerpiece to a dull space full of lonely corners. Add a club chair to a corner with a warm lamp. Now you have a place for bedtime reading and a cozy oasis that is both inviting and comforting.

The Home Office is Just for Work, Right?

Absolutely not. The home office is probably where you spend a good deal of your day. Why not make it amazing? Add a small loveseat or chaise to an empty space in your home office and make the room more engaging and comfy.

See the Light

A lamp can do wonders for any space, and it’s inexpensive. This simple accent fills a dark corner with light, adds depth and dimension to a dull space and can illuminate other interior design accents that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Look for other accent inspirations at Design Within Reach to find room pieces for every space in your home. Use these money-saving coupons to make your quick home decorating, fast, easy and inexpensive.


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