Natural Latex Mattresses


Natural Latex Mattresses: Enjoying the Best of Comfort and Helping the Environment

For many years now, global awareness of eco-friendly materials and the role they play to preserve the environment has been steadily increasing. The cry for less earth-damaging alternatives has led to a rise of several successful businesses and ventures that remain viable to this day. Electric cars are slowly replacing conventional cars in major developed cities across the globe, and renewables have become a valid source of energy production that is competing favorably with other dirtier energy sources. It’s even more impressive when one realizes that mattresses, which play a vital role in most people’s lives, are also changing from conventional to eco-friendly. Many people are unaware of the existence of eco-friendly variants and in fact, most do not know what their mattresses are made from in the first place.

Conventional versus eco-friendly mattresses

Conventional mattresses are made from petrochemicals that researchers have shown can be absorbed by the body. Some of these chemicals, which include chlorofluorocarbons and dimethylformamide, are also constituents of pesticides and other chemical substances employed for everyday use. Natural latex mattresses, however, are made from a naturally occurring substance called latex, a sappy substance extracted from a rubber tree. Combined with other organic materials in adequate proportions, the end product is a mattress that doesn’t only give the body the best of comfort, but also preserves the immediate environment by not giving off any sort of harmful chemicals. The absence of harmful chemicals isn’t the only important property of the mattress, as its durability is also a very fascinating feature that puts it above the other synthetic variants. With synthetic mattresses general known to have a lifespan of 10 years, its latex counterpart is able to remain functional for up to 30 years.

Features of natural latex mattress that assist sleep

Because it’s made mostly from latex and other organic compounds, the mattress is softer and more elastic, thus ensuring that the contact on one’s skin is gentle but supportive. Brentwood Home, maker of comfortable and quality home furniture, says, “a natural latex mattress’ high elasticity provides a bounce back that pushes back on parts of the body pushing down during sleep.” Not only do conventional mattresses harbour harmful chemicals that can be inhaled during sleep, they also become residence to many microorganisms that can cause mild-to severe infections in the body. The same cannot be said for natural latex mattresses, which has been confirmed to possess antimicrobial properties that keep out all kinds of microbes including mold, bed mites, and bugs. The low amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) also present in the latex mattress ensures that one can have a blissful sleep without having to worry about the possibility of an inferno starting.


Just like every other eco-friendly products, the main property of a natural latex mattress that appeals to many advocates and consumers is the possibility for the mattress to be recycled after expending the entirety of its lifespan.

Want to play your part in protecting the environment? Then consider replacing your current mattress with an environmentally-friendly one. You’ll make both yourself